Tony Natalizio is a professional musician with a concentration on performance and education both on guitar and voice.  Based in Detroit, MI, Tony plays a wide variety of styles of music and draws influence from rock, country, blues, and jazz.  Tony contributes not just his versatility on guitar, but also the ability to sing lead and background vocals, as well as participate in choreography and put on a high-energy, crowd-interactive show.

Tony is an experienced touring guitar player, having been in such bands as The Slags, a top level variety band in Houston, TX, The In10City band, a high end, high energy corporate/wedding band, Spare Change, a top regional party band in North Carolina, and various acts around Houston, TX and Raleigh, NC.  He also performs as a solo act or fill in musician for many playing situations.  

Tony has extensive experience on both sides of the soundboard live and in the studio.  He has worked as a performing and a recording artist.  He has toured as a monitor and front-of-house engineer and he has an AAS degree in Entertainment Technology and a BA in Business.

A native of Wooster, Ohio, Tony began playing music at around age 10, starting on the saxophone.  Soon after, he discovered the guitar and has been playing ever since.  He moved to North Carolina in 2008 after a 4-year term in the United States Marine Corps.  Then moved to Houston, TX in 2017 where his career continued to flourish.  He has had various jobs in the music business including working as a house engineer in various clubs, an intern at Music Mania Studios in Snow Camp, NC, and studio session work.

He is married to his lovely wife, Amanda, and they have three young sons, Alaric, Lucian, and Stellan.